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During 2020 I have been working with Funnelwick Limb and poet Murray Lachlan Young, both of whom I collaborated with on The Mystery of The Raddlesham Mumps. We have been working online to do research and development on a new story The Chronicles of Atom and Luna, which we plan to make in to a live show when we are allowed to get together in a rehearsal room again. This year we have created a Podcast series called Tales From The Forest to accompany the main story and I have drawn accompanying illustrations for the Youtube presentations.

Written and performed by Murray Lachlan Young
Music by Paul Hartnoll
Imagery and design by Bek Palmer
Direction by Nina Hajiyianni
BSL by Kate Labno

Episode 1

The Great Oak


Episode 2

Fortune and the Tree


Episode 3

The Glass Ball


Episode 4

The Fool


Episode 5

The Lovers


Episode 6

The Children

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