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Boeing Boeing

London Classic Theatre - Tour

Set & Costume Design

Director: Michael Cabot

Lighting Design: Matthew Green

Photos: Sheila Burnett


"Bek Palmer’s vintage costuming of the three female characters ... is a highlight, right down to the tiny details such as colour-coordinated pants to match Gretchen’s Lufthansa uniform. Similarly, the set itself, also designed by Palmer, is an enjoyably retro mash-up of 1960s spearmint and mustard leather, all space-age futurism that now looks instantly dated."

The Stage

"Bek Palmer’s wonderful set design resembles an Armillary sphere and acts as a tremendous metaphor for the global travels of three of the main characters."

Theatre South East

"...exquisitely stylish circular set evoking all manner of hip 1960s lifestyle aspirations."

The Bath Magazine

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