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My Mother Said I Never Should

London Classic Theatre - National Tour including End-On & In The Round venues

Set & Costume Design

Director: Michael Cabot

Lighting Design: Andy Grange

Photos: Sheila Burnett

“…highly effective visual shorthand for the chaos that potentially haunts all our lives.”

Bournmouth Echo

“…appreciation of domestic detail… Bek Palmer’s costume design is similarly adept at picking up not just the changes to fashion, but also the repeating cycles.”

The Stage

"Dismal and menacing it’s exactly the sort of place that children would be drawn to in order to escape from adults”

Essential Surrey

“ and edgy - a clever and detailed junkyard scene that intelligently forms notable other locations.”

At The Theatre

“Bek Palmer’s design… emphasises the wasteground – that bombed-out corner of a not-yet reinvented Manchester which serves as a playground for the young... It’s an ingenious device and transforms with great simplicity into the houses and gardens which the four women occupy between 1940 and 1987.”

Anne At The Theatre

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